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Our firm was founded in Texas in 2003 to provide corporate investigations and global compliance expertise to the energy industry.  George Hancock brought to our firm a distinguished twenty-one year performance record as a corporate investigator and compliance professional at one of the world's largest integrated energy companies with business activity in more than 100 countries.  An exceptional record of diverse casework at our firm has further enhanced and sustained this reputation and advanced our firm's distinction as an excellent resource to oil and gas, energy and oilfield service companies.  

We understand accountable corporate governance and the requirement for investigations excellence and delivery.  Our firm is uniquely prepared for investigating the extraordinary range of current compliance exposures emerging in the energy industry today.  We have a strong record of responding globally to our clients' investigation needs, and we are well prepared for engagement in the most challenging cases. 

Our firm has investigated an extensive portfolio of complex commercial and financial cases.  Our reputation for proficiency and effectiveness comes from our continuous commitment to professionalism, integrity and diligence.  We have consistently demonstrated our capacity for understanding the energy business, for meticulously collecting and analyzing data and evidence and for effectively communicating our work product. 

As consultants, we have the knowledge, expertise and confidence to assist our corporate clients with effectively protecting employees, assets and global business interests.  We assist clients with accurate threat assessments, and we advise and facilitate development of strong risk mitigation programs.