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George Hancock founded our firm with unique skills, experience and preparation to effectively address casework in the oil and gas and energy sectors.  He was previously employed for twenty-one years by Chevron Corporation as a manager and corporate investigator in the Global Security Department, and, at our firm, Hancock has continuously expanded his industry experience and performance.  Throughout his distinguished career in corporate investigations and law enforcement, he has managed and led an extraordinary range of challenging and complex commercial and financial investigations.  He is a graduate of Lamar University with a BS degree in Criminal Justice.  George Hancock’s client engagements as a consultant have included the following: 

-         Investigated high-value equipment diversion and theft scheme by organized criminal network, resulting in multiple felony convictions and recoveries for victimized petrochemical companies.  

-         Investigated multi-million dollar inventory misappropriation and fraud, developing case for federal criminal prosecution for large oilfield services client.   

-         Investigated and identified responsible parties in a series of proprietary information leaks with heavy losses from compromised trading positions for refining and marketing client.     

-         Led audit teams investigating contractor and vendor fraud and overcharge cases for exploration and production clients, resulting in numerous recoveries. 

-         Investigated FCPA violations and concerns for multi-national upstream energy client.  

-         Investigated refined product diversion and theft activity for an international product marketing client in response to reports by host country tax and customs authorities, resulting in admissions and implementation of enhanced controls.

-         Investigated refined product diversion and theft scheme for an international product marketing client and, through records reconstruction and analysis, developed case for successful loss recovery from responsible transporter.    

-         Investigated conflicts of interest and fraud in land transactions for upstream exploration and production client.

-         Investigated international land acquisition fraud and conflicts of interest for product marketing client, developing evidence for appropriate action with local management and enhanced controls.   

-         Investigated conflicts of interest and fraud involving multiple employees and vendors for oilfield services client, developing case for federal criminal prosecution.  

-         Investigated interstate drilling equipment theft and fraud scheme for oilfield services client, resulting in multiple federal convictions.